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Maryland Cannabis program is active with over 87,000 certified patients and 70 dispensaries.

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Trust, expertise, and guidance for helping you obtain your medical cannabis card.

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Making the application process as fast and efficient as possible for our clients.

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The Health Center

Your Knowledgeable Consultants on Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Laws

The Health Center is Maryland's leading Medical Cannabis Practice. We improve our patients quality of life by going over the benefits of medical cannabis and recommending it as a treatment alternative to common medical practices.

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Reviews from our Community:

I ran out and as the dispensary isn’t open yet went online and bought three different kinds of CBD products, they were all rubbish. I called The Health Center Weds and asked if I could come in and buy more. Christine said sure and that they would be back in White Plains Friday. I went today and got resupplied. I urge anyone with Crohns, IBD, Colitis, or any other digestive issue to try this product. The staff was knowledgeable, patient and empathetic to what I deal with on a daily basis and I look forward to establishing a long term relationship with this practice.

Rosalind Tyler

I really appreciate the kindness and professionalism The Health Center for guiding me in getting my certification for medical marijuana. I really think the staff there care about their patients and seeing them get better. They are very friendly, I will be recommending them to those who need it!

Dejah Greene

I am so impressed with how the process of how to get certified for medical marijuana in Maryland. The staff here at The Health Center are so kind, knowledgeable and professional I will definitely recommend them to people I know in need of medical marijuana. I hope more people in the area become aware of The Health Center because it seems like they really care about their patients.

The staff here is very thorough with assisting patients through the process. They are friendly, professional and provide detailed information. Would highly recommend to others seeking quality healthcare

I just left health center and my visit with them was so enjoyable. Lisa the young lady that checks you in was amazing! She was so helpful and took all my pictures and registered me with the state of Maryland before my appointment so I would be ready for the doctor. The doctor that evaluated me was so nice, understanding and compassionate I felt very comfortable and we talked about the pros and cons of cannabis and the benefits of CBD. After my appointment I was even given the office managers personal number in case I had any issues in finding a dispensary or any further needs. Bottom line I would recommend The Health Center to all my friends and family in the Charles county and surrounding area.

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The industry experts at The Health Center are experienced and qualified to give you all the information you need to qualify for your medical cannabis card.

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